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GANGBANGING AT GROUND ZERO from Slam City Skates on Vimeo.



I once wrote a paper on the aesthetics of skateboarding for an undergraduate class called “aesthetics.” 

I love my namby-pamby liberal arts education.

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STD#31 08.12.11

innercity, side II - boy in forest trying to hotwire the earth (Not Not Fun, 2011)
KWJAZ, it is it - Angel Island (Brunch Groupe, 2011)
swanox, Ripley Station -  Dawnrunner (Not Not Fun, 2010)
swanox, Through The Alders - Dawnrunner (Not Not Fun, 2010)
rangers, street smell - Street Smell  (As Above So Below, 2009)→

STD#30 20.10.11

Heart, Mind & Soul    Daniel Johnston    The What Of Whom    1982
Freestyle Hard Rap    18+    M1xtape    2011
Freestyle Pour a Little Liquor - Outro    18+    M1xtape    2011
Shy [ft. Butchy Fuego]    18+ Sis    M1xtape    2011
Mundaka     Cankun    Jaguar Dance (Not Not Fun)    2011
To Ascend    Sky Stadium    Freely Without (Exo Tapes)  2011
Excuse Me    Daniel Johnston    The What Of Whom    1982
PAIN MANAGEMENT    C V L T S    THETA DISTRACTIONS (Beer on the Rug)    2011
Untitled    Mirror To Mirror    The Door With A Lock (Jugular Forest)    2010
Pure Water Side A    Dolphin Tears     Pure Water (Stuck in a Simulation)    2011
Memory Theater    James Ferraro    Marble Surf (New Age Tapes)    2008

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Lemonade 16K
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